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Crimson Imaging Supplies is a Certfied Small Business which specializes in providing Government (GSA & FSSI), Business, Educational and Healthcare Institutions with all of their office supply needs.

We offer over 95,000 brand name products to choose from and offer a premium customer service experience. We'll be happy to do a proper consultation in order to set your account up to meet your specific needs and to assist with discounts and special offers. Please give us a call at (888) 605-1100 to get started.

Crimson has earned its reputation by its approach to providing a personalized customer service experience. Each customer is assigned a designated account representative who is highly trained, friendly and able to help guide them in choosing only the best products for their organizations. Our product knowledge is our biggest strength. We strive to make sure you receive the most cost effective solutions without ever having to compromise on quality. This approach has built Crimson’s customer base to over 10,000 strong, and now with the launch of our first online store, we are gearing up to provide our customers even more services. All you have to do is give us a call at (888) 605-1100 to get started.

Our Commitment

We have an unwavering commitment to our stakeholders those people and organizations upon whom we depend for our success. This commitment extends to:

  • Our associates (employees) by treating them with respect, embracing diversity and a culture of inclusion, providing a safe and healthy workplace, encouraging a proper work-life balance, respecting their rights under law, compensating them fairly, valuing their feedback, fostering their development, and empowering them to provide their best contribution.)
  • Our customers, by respecting their privacy, competing fairly for their business, and providing them safe and effective products and services that meet agreed requirements while taking into account environmental and social concerns.
  • Our investors and owners, by providing them a fair return on their investment in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
  • Our suppliers and other business partnersby aiding their financial success and working with them to find the best solutions for our customers, which take into account the needs of society and the environment.

  • Our communities through active citizenship, thoughtful giving, and respect for the environment, including energy and resource conservation and waste and pollution prevention.
    • Is the product safe for the environment?
    • Is the product reusable or made from recycled materials?
    • Can the product be recycled at the end of its life?
    • Does the product conserve energy or waste?
    • Is the product made from renewable plant based raw materials?
    • Does the product meet third party certifications for enviro-conscious manufacturing process?

Our Values

In fulfilling our commitment to our stakeholders, we will do so by upholding those values we hold dear, including:

  • Transparency and integrity, building trust in our organization, our associates and our products and services by being open and honest in our communications, obeying the law, and meeting high ethical standards.
  • Quality and continuous improvement, recognizing that success is only possible through understanding and meeting stakeholder expectations, properly managing risks, and achieving ongoing improvement through dedication, innovation and perspiration.
  • Teamwork, working in a collaborative way to produce mutual understanding and the best outcomes for all.
  • Accountability, acknowledging that many people depend upon us to deliver the results we promise.
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Crimson Imaging Supplies is an HP Qualified Supplies Partner 668905CAT-1
GSA FSSI Contract Holder # GS02Q-14-D-CR0002
GSA Contract Holder MAS 75 # GS-02F-0256X